HKU SPACE Basic Photography 基礎攝影

08/11/2021 - 20:00 - 07/02/2022 - 22:00
Island East Campus 港島東分校 Room 1602, 16/F

部相機咁多功能,唔好成日用auto喇 ;)
基礎攝影(Basic Photography)有12講,內容涵蓋各種數碼攝影技巧,大家要自備相機練習和實驗,導師再同大家討論。一班同學一齊學又可以一齊切磋,多啲唔同風格、諗法嘅交流!

Not sure what to do with your digital camera? Bring it to our class with us! Basic Photography is a course with 12 meetings. It covers the basic concepts of photography. What is aperture/ shutter/ white balance etc? How do we consider different visual elements when doing photography?

One of the good things of having a class is companion support and discussion. Our tutor will lead the discussions! You may be inspired by the different style/ideas from your classmates!

Tutor: Nathan King, BA (Hons) Rhodes

Image: Utagawa Yoshikazu, Foreigners Employing a Camera, 1860