Moiré : Silvester's Solo

01/10/2021 (全日) - 28/10/2021 (全日)
Yrellag Gallery

When a set of lines or dots is superimposed on another set of lines or dots, a third, false pattern emerges in the form of “moiré pattern”. A similar visual perception can also occur when one looks close to the layer lines on 3D printed ceramics objects. Loose screws of the printer or slight difference in the clay consistencies, are the factors that caused changes in the layer width and height, producing unique objects. And these finest details suggest how the objects are made and hint the characteristics of clay.
望微,⾳取⾃「Moiré」 ,⼀種由線條交錯形成的紋理。在陶器上,⼀層層的線條暗示了陶器如何被打印出,透過觀察其細

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Silvester Mok Solo Exhibition @mhcclay
Exhibition Period | 2-28 Oct 2021, 1-8pm (Tue-Sun)
Opening | 9 Oct 2021 (Sat), 5-8pm
Venue | Yrellag Gallery
Address | G/F 13A Prince’s Terrace, Central, Hong Kong (Mid-levels escalator: get off once past Caine Road. From Soho, 5 minutes walk uphill.)

Enquiries | +852 66296454 (Grace Lam)

Silvester Mok works mainly with 3D printed ceramics using a self-assembled printer. After graduating from Hong Kong Art
School, he has combined two favorite media as his way of making, including 3D modeling and ceramics. Compared to pot
pinching, machine has dominated the ceramics forming process in 3D printing. Clay was forced to squeeze out from the nozzle at a
precise coordinate, creating clay objects in a digital way. And Mok explores the new role of ceramist in this digital process. The
precision and accuracy of the machine make a huge contrast with clay, a material that easily deforms over weight and water content.
Printed form collapses and rests on a balanced profile that can hold its weight, and the new silhouette is captured by fire