"BEYOND THE 'BIG NINE' - Rethinking the Future of Small and Medium Performing Arts Organizations in Hong Kong" (6-7 May 2016)

06/05/2016 (全日) - 07/05/2016 (全日)

For the financial year 2014/15, the nine major Performing Arts Organizations (otherwise known as the ‘Big Nine’) secured over HK$330 million of direct funding from the government, while the Arts Development Council only received about HK$120 million, aimed to support the remaining pool of performing and visual arts organizations. This disparity has been the situation in Hong Kong for decades and it raises several issues worthy of discussions. The conference seeks to explore and discuss possibilities for performing arts organizations outside the 'Big Nine', in this current macro-environment. Possible topics include:

1. New thinking and directions in managing smaller performing arts organizations in Hong Kong.
2. New directions/ shifts in funding policies in Hong Kong.
3. New directions in fundraising for performing arts organizations outside the Big Nine.
4. The role of major performing arts organizations (the Big Nine) in the development of the performing arts landscape in Hong Kong.
5. Discussions of case studies from outside Hong Kong.


1. 管理香港中小型表演藝術團體的新思考和新方向。
2. 香港藝術資金政策的新方向/轉變
3. “九大”以外表演藝術團體募集資金的新方向
4. 主要的表演藝術團體(“九大”)所能扮演的角色。
5. 香港之外的案例研究討論。

Free admission. All are welcome. Kindly register at http://goo.gl/forms/hgl8TevL3g.