'Informal Solutions’ – a hidden urban sanctuary by Michael Wolf

24/03/2016 (全日) - 25/06/2016 (全日)
27/03/2016 -
15:00 - 21:00

24 March – 25 June 2016

artist’s open studio day, book launch & signing: Sunday 27 March (3-9 pm)

Since his arrival in 1995, Hong Kong never stopped to fascinate photographer Michael Wolf.
For over twenty years Michael Wolf has captured the hyper-density of the city of Hong Kong through his large-scale photographs of its high-rise architecture (‘architecture of density’).

With his latest body of work, Wolf zooms into the beehive like structures and explores it’s less glamorous counter part; the back alleys. The back alleys, originally referred to as ‘scavenger lanes’, are not what would appeal to most urban dwellers. At best, one might rush through it, merely as a shortcut, trying to avoid the pungent smell of waste, while turning a blind eye to rats scurrying away. However these dark narrow lanes host a vast variety objects and activities as we learn through Wolf’s photography.