Untangling Squid Game

04/12/2021 -
12:30 - 13:30
Lingnan University
8 Castle Peak Road

Untangling Squid Game together

The popular Netflix series Squid Game has received global attention, but we still want to know more about the show! Despite its obvious messages about the cruelty of capitalism (in the story of contestants in a deadly competition), Squid Game raises critical questions that have yet to be answered, waiting to be unfolded. This public talk invites a Hong Kong-based South Korean scholar Yoon Soo Ryon to “untangle” the problems raised by the show. Prof. Yoon will introduce us to the sociocultural context of South Korea including its economic crisis, feminist activism, and political mobilization, which shapes Squid Game’s key narrative. Our understanding of Squid Game will be enriched by Prof. Yoon’s discussion of the critiques in South Korea, where the show’s rising popularity has prompted controversies and critical debates. The talk, designed to be more engaging, is composed of a mini-lecture, dialogue with students, and an open-floor Q&A section with the audience. It will be also held in a hybrid model (attendance and live streaming). Registration is required.

Speaker: Prof. Yoon Soo Ryon (Department of Cultural Studies, Lingnan University)
Moderator: Prof. Leung Shi-chi Daren (Department of Cultural Studies, Lingnan University)
1230 – 1330 I Saturday 4 December 2021 (Hong Kong Time) I Hybrid Event

Registration deadline : https://bit.ly/30jMvnE by 12 noon, 1 December 2021. Confirmation email will be sent before the event.
Organizer:Master of Cultural Studies (MCS) Programme, Department of Cultural Studies, Lingnan University