2019 M+ / Design Trust 研究資助計劃公開講座 Research Fellowship Public Talks

22/09/2020 -
20:30 - 21:30
29/09/2020 -
20:30 - 21:30
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2019 M+ / Design Trust 研究資助計劃公開講座
2019 M+ / Design Trust Research Fellowship Public Talks

2019年度M+ / Design Trust 研究學人Oliver Elser和Yasmin Tri Aryani將於9月22日及29日(二),香港時間晚上8時30分至9時30分舉行的網上公開講座中發表各自的研究成果。Oliver Elser的研究是關於1950年代以來香港的粗野主義建築,而Yasmin Tri Aryani則探討當代印尼建築如何運用傳統或本土建築的概念。


Our 2019 Research Fellows, Oliver Elser and Yasmin Tri Aryani, will present their research findings in virtual public talks on 22 and 29 September (Tuesday), at 8:30-9:30pm Hong Kong time. Oliver Elser investigated the varied and multiple notions of Brutalism in Hong Kong’s architectural production since the 1950s; while Yasmin Tri Aryani studied how concepts of traditional architecture are exercised in contemporary architectural discourse and practice in Indonesia.

Each talk is followed by a discussion and a Q&A session. Register here and find out more about their research: https://mplus.org/en_DTtalk2019

圖片:何弢,聖士提反書院科藝樓,香港,1980年,攝影師不詳, © 版權所有
Image: Tao Ho, Special Room Block, St. Stephen’s College, Hong Kong, 1980. Photographer unknown. © All rights reserved.