Sayaka Kawamura 川村紗耶佳 - ME TIME

07/08/2020 - 12:00 - 02/09/2020 - 19:00
G/F 14 St Francis Street

Me Time
Sayaka Kawamura
7th of Auguest - 2nd of September

ODD ONE OUT is proud to be hosting “Me Time”, the latest exhibition by Japanese Moku-Hanga printmaker Sayaka Kawamura. In the current unstable and unpredictable time, we all need a little “Me Time”. Our hope is this exhibition brings you some time, if only for a moment where you are truly alone with yourself and use this time to recharge and get away from the world.

Sayaka’s work depicts an altered state where dreams and reality overlap. Her work portrays images that aren’t possible, yet somehow still manage to feel relatable.

Sayaka Kawamura was born in Hokkaido, Japan. In 2016, She graduated with a Masters in Printmaking at Tama Art University Graduate School. She is the recipient of numerous prizes and awards including Tosa Washi Prize winner of the 10th Kochi International Triennial Exhibition of Prints and the grand prize winner of 23rd Kanuma Shiritsu
Kawakamisumio Museum printmaking award. She is represented in a number of public and private collections in Japan and Internationally.

ODD ONE OUT最新推出由日本水印木刻版畫家 川村紗耶佳的最新展覽"ME TIME"。在當前有很多不穩定的因素都很容易影響到我們我情緒,就此我們都更需要多一點“ Me Time”。希望這次展覽,帶給您一些自我時間,即使只是一瞬間,也可以真正與自己獨處利用這段時間充實自己,遠離世界。


川村彩香(Sayaka Kawamura)出生於日本北海道。她於2016年畢業於多摩藝術大學研究生院版畫碩士。她是第十屆高知國際三年展版畫的土佐和紙獎得主,以及第23屆Kanuma Shiritsu的大獎獲得者,獲得了許多獎項和獎項川上澄雄博物館版畫獎。她的作品給日本和國際上的許多公共和私人收藏中。