19.9 - 14.11.2015

Opening Reception & Book Launch
19.9.2015, Saturday, 4 - 6:30pm
(Guided Tour by artist starts at 4:30pm)

“good day good night” features a series of black and white photographs and videos capturing scenes of the Occupy Movement, and unique works combining photography and painting on the same theme. Unlike the prevalent documentary approach taken by most photographers to record the events, Ho took an indirect approach filled with symbols and metaphors to representing his personal experiences and the surrounding presences. Scenes of clashes between the police and the protesters are replaced by objects discarded on the road like barricades, umbrellas, used water bottles and tents. People appear small and insignificant against the backdrop of the city, which looks quiet and peaceful amidst undercurrents of intensity and chaos. A photography book about the project, also titled good day good night, will be launched at the opening reception with signing.


“早安晚安” 展出何兆南一系列於佔領運動期間拍攝的黑白照片、錄像及結合攝影與繪畫的獨版作品。有別於大部份於佔領運動時被採用的紀實拍攝手法,何氏以具指涉性和隱喻的手法來展現運動期間的境況和其個人經驗。影像中被丟棄在路上的象徵性物件如路障、雨傘、空水樽和帳篷,取代了一幕幕警方與示威者衝突的場面。城市在這充滿暗湧的混亂境況中看似平靜安然,而人物處身其中則顯得渺小及微不足道。屆時與展覽同名的攝影書《早安晚安》將於開幕中發佈。


Blindspot Gallery





攝影作品:鄉愁 攝影師:何兆南 HO Siu Nam, South

攝影作品:族群 攝影師:夏永康 wing Shya

攝影作品:身份 攝影師:Pazu chan@萬象鏡社

攝影作品:過客 攝影師:賴朗騫 LAI Lon Hin

短片作品:移家香港 導演:明萌Mia 戰琪Ivy

展館:深水埗汝洲街269號一樓 SoCO269展覽館
日期:2014年9月26日至2014年10月19日 (逢星期五至日)
開幕酒會:2014年9月25日(星期四) 7pm - 9pm
查詢:2713 9165 / [email protected]




The Black Store 聯同 謝曬皮、Brainrental、何兆南、Kristopher Ho等創作人在中環PMQ開一間10 Cents Store一毫店去賣他們的創作!5月10日星期六開幕當日謝曬皮、Brainrental和Kristopher Ho會現場繪畫,還在更多表演嘉賓!

10 Cents Store
創意何價? The Black Store 過往數次實驗了包裝與價值的關係,或明或暗諷刺消費文化中的我們買包裝多過買貨品本身,反思消費行為及模式。 今次 The Black Store 一反過往賣包裝賣貴的模式,來一次高質素但係 No Bargain 的 10 Cents Store。係,你無睇錯,係 10 Cents Store。

講到明係 10 Cents Store, 就當然係收一毫子啦。不過咁,10 Cents Store 現階段仲係一個概念,現在已有創作人首肯合作,有人有貨。The Black Store 獲 PMQ 邀請舉辦今次展覽,就打算玩一次實體版 kickstarter - 今次展覽只係 kickstart , 要大家支持夠數,目標3000個hashtag加check-in, 10 Cents Store 先會係來緊 10-11 月有機會成事。WE NEED YOU!! #10centsstore

Why 10 Cents?
點解收一毫?過往數次 The Black Store 的展覽,把價錢推高,實驗了觀眾反應。我們很好奇,假若有一次我們反轉件事,將所有高質素創作,都設定係一個價都冇得你講的低價時,到底觀眾又會覺得怎樣?要到達一個 No Bargain 的價錢,就只有一毫子吧?當然,觀眾聽到可能會覺得是否在賣次貨。所以,這次五月在PMQ,我們就來公開合作創作人的創作歷程,觀眾可以睇辦,看看創作人的工作,分享創作。

10 Cents Store 的合作單位:
10 Cents Store 擺到明賣一毫,但是他們找到的合作單位陣容也不簡單: 插畫師 謝曬皮 TseSaiPei、Kristopher Ho和插畫創作組合 BrainRental, ,設計師包括 Sunny Wong、UUendy Lau、 Power-nap Over、KaCaMa Design Lab、 Geeio、Plastic Cruisers、Tony Hon, 藝術家包括: 何兆南、Oscar Chan、Worthless、Daft Pink 與及更多。正在加入中的還有樂隊「新青年理髮廳」。

10 Cents Store 展出資訊

地點:PMQ Block A S201
表演單位: 謝曬皮、Brainrental 和 Kristopher Ho 及更多

日期: 2014 年 5 月 10 日至 6 月9 日
地點:PMQ Block A S201

策展人: James Chc
Facebook: www.facebook.com/theblackstore

謝曬皮 Tsesaipei
UUendy Lau
Kristopher Ho
何兆南South Ho
Sunny Wong
KaCaMa Design Lab
Power-nap over
James Chc
陳翊朗Oscar Chan
Geeio Yuen
Tony Hon (TURN Creative)
Plastic Cruisers
Daft Pink


PMQ Block A S201

Date: 4 - 28.9.2013
Venue: Blindspot Gallery

Opening Reception
3.9.2013, Tuesday, 6:30-8:30pm
Artist will be present.

South Ho’s newest series Every Daily marks a breakthrough in his creative work. In a departure from his previous photography, this new series is his first to incorporate the element of painting, based on a collection of black and white photographs of Tin Shui Wai, one of the largest new towns in Hong Kong where he lives. Ho fills the sky between the densely packed residential buildings with uniformly sized blocks of different colours. His previous photographic works such as Into Light and Impermanence set out to illuminate the transience of living. In a similar vein of random existence, the artist picks the colour of each block by throwing a dice. He goes on to paint the repetitive, uniformly sized blocks on the photographs using the paintbrushes left by his late father. Through the mechanical and monotonous process of painting blocks, Ho attempts to reach a meditative state of self-healing for the loss of his father.


日期:4 - 28.9.2013




Blindspot Gallery

100ft. PARK is pleased to present “Between Sunset and Sunrise”, a photography group exhibition from 26 October to 26 November 2012.

Participating artists: Wailok, Janice Southpolep and South Ho

Address: The Coming Society, Flat 2, LG4, Kai Wong Commercial Building, 222 Queen’s Road Central, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Opening Hours: 14:30 – 21: 30



開幕日期:2012年10月26日 19:00 – 21:00

地址:香港 上環皇后大道中222號 啟煌商業大廈 LG4/F 2室 (實現會社)

開放時間:14:30 – 21:30

Facebook Event Page:


About the ExhibitionWailok, Janice Southpolep and South Ho explore the uncontrollability under manifested conditions and coincidences in the orderly everyday life in their works. In the process of creation, they examine the powerfulness and powerlessness of human. And associating with their life experiences, the process turns out to be therapeutic to them.

Our life is full of fortuities. We call the accidental meetings of people and events coincidence. Things that we believe they are decided could be coincidences. Sunset and sunrise – natural phenomena that we expect day after day. From when does the sun accidentally set from the West but the East? And it happens every day? Repeated coincidences become permanence. What things are purely coincident in our daily life or are they only governed by certain laws, cycle and destiny? And what things are under our control as we believe?

Wailok photographs images of shadows of tree leaves on different backgrounds. Through controlling the brightness and colour temperature in the process to create effects that human eyes can hardly distinguish. Wailok examines our sensitivity towards our surrounding and our cognitive ability. Since May 2009, Janice Southpolep has been shooting random imageries appeared in her daily life. Fortuitously, the series of photos is a reflection of her mental state. The accidental encountering of things seems planned; photographing has become her self-healing therapy. On photographs, South Ho draws narrow lines and tiny grids with pens of different colours to fill up the background. Because of the disharmony of the colouring materials, the brushstrokes become uneven, and colours merge and diffuse. The outcome becomes unpredictable. Ho experiments and experiences the unruliness even when things are under his control. The repeated experiment is a training for him.


我們的日常生活裡充滿著偶然,人與事之間的相遇便是巧合。我們認為是冥冥中的事情,也可能只是巧合。日落和日出 ― 最恆常不過的自然現象。從何時起太陽巧合地從西方落下,而非東方?而且日復日?巧合不斷的重複,成為恆常。而我們的生活中,有多少事情是純粹的偶然,還是我們逃不過既有的定律、循環和命運?又有多少事情是如我們所想般可以控制?



百呎公園 100 ft² Park
The Coming Society, Flat 2, LG4, Kai Wong Commercial Bldg, 222 Queen's Road Central , Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
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