Opening Reception: 6 June 2013, 6-8pm

A common impression “Lego” often pops up when someone first saw Otto Li’s works; especially some of his works with vivid colors and young people love them with such resonance of childhood toys growing up. With further reading details and seeing other works, then another new term “pixel-ize” perhaps will appear, like puzzle up an object built by blocks of pixels. Li’s works often remain in ordinary subject matters, things he likes and he is surrounded by in everyday life. Many of his works are related to soccer and video games, which are some of his favorite interests. Although it is always something very ordinary, he has been consistently trying different approaches and experimenting with various materials to present some “ideas”. Pixel and Lego are just forms of presentations, but the artist is trying to develop something “virtual” into a physical condition by “de-forming” and then “re-forming”.

"Actually my works are inspired by the images we see every day and what’s happening around us every day. However, when people see or read images, they tend to focus on the content instead of how the image is formed, generated, or the meaning, technology (imaging technology) behind it." - Otto Li

Born in 1980, Otto Li was raised and educated in Hong Kong. Experienced several years of concept artist in a CG animation company after obtained B.A. Fine Art degree, later on he returned to Chinese University and completed his M.A. Fine Art in 2012. Since early 2000, Otto has been actively participated in numerous exhibitions and earned several awards. In 2012, his works were selected in to the “Hong Kong Eye” exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery, London, one of the most important art galleries in the field. In the same year, Li’s works were selected in to the Hong Kong Contemporary Art Biennial Awards 2012.

開幕:2013年6月6號晚上6 - 8時正



李天倫生於1980年,在香港長大及接受教育。在取得藝術學士之後,他在一家電腦動畫公司任職電腦動畫設計工作。其後他回到香港中文大學並在2012年香港中文大學並取得藝術碩士學位。早在2000年,李天倫已積極參與眾多的展覽,也曾多次獲獎。在2012年,他的作品入選著名的倫敦薩奇畫廊舉行的Hong Kong Eye展覽。同年,他的作品被選進香港當代藝術雙年獎2012。


EC Gallery
G/F, 72a Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong

Art Bar Installation

22 - 25 May 2013

B/F, Fringe Club
2 Lower Albert Rd., Central

Presented by Absolut Art Bureau

Open daily
1700 - 0200

Adrian Wong has been commissioned by the Absolut Art Bureau to transform the basement of the Fringe Club into an art bar installation. Including an animatronic jazz band, geriatric lounge singers, surly waiters from a soy sauce steak joint, dragon fish, diner booths, psychedelic lighting, Asian porn soundtracks, and cocktails based on the Cantonese wet market. The bar will be open to the public each evening of the Art Basel in Hong Kong art fair.



20 May - 8 June 2013

Goethe-Institut Hongkong
14/F, Hong Kong Arts Centre
2 Harbour Rd., Wanchai

Curated by Robin Peckham
Presented by Goethe-Institut
Supported by Edouard Malingue Gallery

Opening reception
20 May 2013
1900 - 2100

Joao Vasco Paiva forms and reforms the perceptions of the aesthetic relevance of objects that commonly operate as informative, readable, and utilitarian mechanisms or devices through an installation of forms derived from street signage, architectural structures, and urban furniture in which content and function are voided. His exhibition is graciously organized by the Goethe-Institut Hongkong and generously supported by Edouard Malingue Gallery.



20 - 25 May 2013

CL3 Architects
15/F, Hong Kong Arts Centre
2 Harbour Rd., Wanchai

Curated by Robin Peckham
Presented by William Lim

Opening reception
20 May 2013
1700 - 1900

Installation artist Nadim Abbas presents a new body of work based on visual homology in microscopic and stellar bodies, animated GIFs, graphic production technologies, hospitals, and beds. This exhibition also continues his ongoing experiments with tetrapods and molecular structures, which are the subject of a concurrent solo exhibition at the Hermes Third Floor in Singapore. His exhibition is generously hosted by William Lim in the offices of CL3 Architects in the Hong Kong Arts Centre.




地點︰上環皇后大道中222號啟煌商業大廈LG4/F 2室實現會社






若有查詢,請電 9013 9723或 電郵至:[email protected]


百呎公園 100 ft² Park
The Coming Society, Flat 2, LG4, Kai Wong Commercial Bldg, 222 Queen's Road Central , Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Sleeping waves《失眠的羊》
Solo Exhibition by Nicole Wong 王思遨個人作品展

Opening Reception 開幕酒會 : 17. 05 18: 00 - 20: 00

Exhibition Period 展期: 18 . 05 - 16 . 06 2013
Opening hours 開放時間: 12: 00 - 19: 00
Wednesday to Sunday 星期三至日

Venue 地點: Soundpocket 聲音掏腰包
Unit 10C, Gee Chang Industrial Building
108 Lok Shan Road, Tokwawan, Kowloon, Hong Kong 
(next to Hoi Sham Park)

Insomnia, sleepiness and sleeplessness. The insomnious has gone through wakefulness, sour in eyes, and boredom. A wave of sheep passing through my mind like an impalpable fluid. I fall asleep. Then they watch me sleeping.

This exhibition is a physical experience of a suspension in time and the subconscious mind. Gently dictate over the inert of technology and coldness of machines, hidden poetries and puns are meant to be revealed. They act as a portal to an infinite continuation within waiting-ness, imaginations, and struggles that goes beyond the physical.

A loop of moving images and sound used to be manifested as a spiral in the era of analog, like film cartridges, record tapes, vinyls. The selection of work inherits this spiral as a form of repetitive patterns, created by visual and sound. It might be the most contradictory harmony. Emptiness has been thickened.

About artist

Nicole Wong is aware of visual poetry and flaws in perceptional understanding. Her work is always a parody of an ordinary scenario, which constructed by found materials and institutional environment. She singles out the essence from the prose of mundane which can be neither truly remembered nor forgotten. Through a complete experience, audience can reinspect what we look but we do not see in everyday life.

Nicole Wong is supported by soundpocket’s Artists’ Support Programme 2012-13



在過去的年代裡,影像與聲音的實體都不約而同呈漩渦狀,例如膠片、錄音帶、黑膠片。而每一個作品都繼承了此特徵,以影像和聲音的重複性整頓出一個漩渦。這可能是一段有協和又有衝突的樂章,令寂寞更吵耳。」 --王思遨


王思遨善於利用現成物, 強調突破和限制之間, 重現潛伏在於日常物件的詩意。這兩種對立元素磨擦所發生自相矛盾和不經意的趣味, 一直是她作品的氛圍。不受單一媒介限制的作品鼓勵觀眾以另一個角度體驗熟悉得盲目的境物,突破慣有的思想軌道, 以全新的眼光欣賞一直忽略的。希望觀眾親身體會後,會對忽略了的生活細節重修舊好。

王思遨為聲音掏腰包「藝術家支援計劃」2012-13 年度獲選年青藝術家。


Soundpocket 聲音掏腰包




本年將與本地插畫師C Chung共同創作,於六月上演最新劇目《紅色旅程》,並延續展覽的主題,繼續進行探索和發展。打響頭炮的展覽將於16/5-19/6假本地文化書店Kubrick(觀塘分店)舉行《紅色旅程》展覽,為六月劇場演出率先創作。


開幕派對:19/5/2013 (日)
時間: 19:00 - 21:00

地址: Kubrick APM
九龍觀塘道418號創紀之城五期 apm 6樓 L6-1a舖
時間: 13:00 - 22:00

===關於 小劇場‧大戲劇===



===關於 盛夏===

盛夏劇團志向各界介紹另類實驗劇場的創作,將藝術帶進生活,將生活融入藝術,一直與本地藝術家進行交流及創作。過往曾合作的活動包括與多媒體創作 人K.K. Chau演出作品 《在意識以前》、攝影浪人Minghui十週年作品展(澳門)、本地插畫 師 Leumas To多個展覽。


===關於 C. Chung===

In the childhood, he is afraid to express due to low self-esteem. Becoming a Christian transforms him from a pessimistic person to an active and self-expressive character. Creating a memorable illustration icon “C Chung Group” and forming a band named “什” are his methods of bringing inside feeling out.

基督徒。兒時自卑得可憐,甚麼到很害怕去表達,信主過後得到改變,不斷透過自組樂隊「什」及創作畫作「C Chung群」來表達自我。

2010年2月於火炭G16 gallery與友人舉辦二人聯合展,名為「化身」
2010年6月於山頂廣場HKID gallery舉辦個人畫展,名為「愛上我吧」
2010年10月於尖沙咀DNA商場PLAYGROUND gallery舉辦個人畫展,名為「明白」
2011年作品被入選APPortfolio-THE PORTFOLIO for ASIA YOUNG ARTISTS更被大師評判點名好評
2011年10月於火炭ROOM502 gallery舉辦個人畫展,名為「兩小無猜」
2011年11月於香港HAJI gallery舉辦個人畫展,名為「我們. 人見人愛」


2012年1月於大坑l'après-midi. 晏晝畫廊舉辦三人聯合畫展,名為“TRISECTION.末日.2012”


2012年3月於中國廣州北京路概念店舉辦四人聯合展覽,名為「ping ling pang lang」藝術節


2012年5月於西班牙參展Art fair Swab 2012




九龍觀塘道418號創紀之城五期 apm 6樓 L6-1a舖

「我們的作品主要是對抗『藝術本是美好且源於理想主義』這種觀念。」──Jake Chapman(積克‧查普曼)向Sarah Kent提出。

香港白立方宣佈將會展出英國藝術家Jake & Dinos Chapman的新作,兩位藝術家的作品將會是第一次在中國地區展出,是次展出之藝術品以「地獄」系列為主,由一群小人模型及一系列重新繪畫的作品所組成。


「邪惡的總和」(The Sum of all Evil)(2012-13)面積龐大卻精雕入微,作品覆蓋畫廊地下全層,是目前Chapman兄弟作品中密集度最高的模型裝置。他們最著名的「地獄」主題景觀系列的第一件作品「地獄」(Hell)(1999)在一場貨倉大火中付諸一炬,是次展出之作品則是該系列中的第四件作品,由一大遍紛亂散佈的納粹軍人模型及快餐連鎖店麥當勞的一眾角色構成,放置在四個大玻璃箱內,場面血腥暴力,令人不寒而慄,儼如末世。瀰漫黑色幽默的「邪惡的總和」(The Sum of all Evil)尤如其名,其取向偏重想像性質多於描述性質:將所有最黑暗的邪惡勢力相加,暴力勢必跨越年代肆虐橫行。

畫廊一樓將展出四組模型雕塑新作,延伸「邪惡的總和」(The Sum of all Evil)的主題。在其中一個玻璃箱內,誇張奪目的麥當勞叔叔被塑造成一個防波堤上憂傷的漁夫,安然地把腿懸垂在湖泊中一堆屍體之上。在另一個箱內,一間燒燬的麥當勞快餐店被塑造成現代消費主義的遺跡,鬼魅地呈現它曾征服全球的風光。

展覽亦將包括一系列Chapman兄弟拾獲的畫作(found paintings),他們形容作品為「重建與改進」,這些作品的始藝術家不詳,但均以宗教為主題或屬損毀嚴重的人像畫,其引伸的階級制度、價值觀及內容的問題,均令人聯想到此前Chapman兄弟在 ‘Insult to Injury’(2003)中重現戈雅(Goya)著名的銅版畫作品「戰爭的災難」(Disasters of War)。

Jake Chapman(積克‧查普曼)在1966年生於卓特咸,而Dinos Chapman(迪諾斯‧查普曼)則於1962年在倫敦出生,兩人均於倫敦生活及工作。Chapman兄弟展出量極高,曾展出個展的地方包括2013年在基輔的Pinchuk 藝術中心(Pinchuk Art Centre); 2012在聖彼得堡冬宮博物館(The State Hermitage Museum); 2010年在意大利波利尼亞諾阿馬雷的Museo Pino Pascali; 2009年在英國的海斯廷斯藝術館(Hastings Museum); 2008年在漢諾威的凱思特納基金會(Kestner Gesellschaft Hannover); 2007年在倫敦的泰特不列顛美術館(Tate Britain); 2006年利物浦的泰特利物浦美術館(Tate Liverpool); 2005年在布雷根茲的Kunsthaus; 2003年在杜塞爾多夫的Museum Kunst Palast、紐約的牛津當代美術館(Modern Art Oxford ) 以及2000年在PS1當代藝術中心(PS1 Contemporary Art Center)。他們亦曾舉行多個聯合展覽,當中包括2002年第一屆基輔國際雙年展(The 1st Kiev International Biennale); 2010年第17屆悉尼雙年展(the 17th Biennale of Sydney)、德克薩斯州的Meadows Museum、泰特不列顛美術館(Tate Britain)的’Rude Britannia’、波恩的Bundeskunsthalle及根特S.M.A.K的’Hareng Saur: Ensor and Contemporary Art’; 2009年莫斯科的國立當代美術館(National Center of Contemporary Art)、漢堡的Kunstverein、倫敦的大英博物館(British Museum); 2008年里爾的Palais des Beaux Arts de Lille、慕尼黑的Haus der Kunst及倫敦的ICA; 2007年在倫敦皇家藝術學院(Royal Academy of Arts)的Annenberg Courtyard裡舉行的「Summer Exhibition」; 2006年於赫爾辛基Museum of Contemporary Art KIASMA舉行 的ARS 06以及2003年在泰特不列顛美術館(Tate Britain)的Turner Prize。Chapman兄弟亦將於2013年8月在韓國的Song Eun Art Space舉行個人展覽。

開放時間:星期二至星期六 早上11時至下午7時



開幕日期 Opening reception:
28.4.2013 (SUN) 14:00-19:00

展覽日期 Date:
29.4.2013 - 5.5.2013 (MON-SUN) 11:00-19:00





This collaborative effort enables the artist share her discoveries and reflections, after conquering and controlling the temptations of materialism, through a piece of multimedia experimental work.

Space is a luxury to us in Hong Kong where streets are narrow and living space is limited. People are willing to pay for space; to overcome stress by consuming. After all the shopping frenzies, where do all the old and unwanted goods go? How long have we not thought and cared about nature?

“Prepare yourself before entering the laboratory. Please follow our pace and slowly move forward…let us give you a sense of the meaning of our pace. Though what appears ahead is unclear, you can hear the bustling traffic from afar; you can breathe-in nature; mud, trees and blossoming flowers. Once you open your eyes, you will find yourself in a laboratory. Press the red button and let the story unfold”

Caution: There is no turning back once the system has been activated!

Space is a luxury to us in Hong Kong where streets are narrow and living space is limited. People are willing to pay for space; to overcome stress by consuming. After all the shopping frenzies, where do all the old and unwanted goods go? How long have we not thought and cared about nature?

地址 Venue:
Gallery Academy of Visual Arts,
Hong Kong Baptist University,
51 Kwun Tong Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong
(Exit A2, Choi Hung MTR Station)

概念/裝置作品: 吳韻怡
Concept/Installation: NWY

策展團隊: 鄭穎茵、林子強
Curatorial Team: Winki CHENG, Tsz-Keung LAM

平面設計: 杜卓璣
Graphic design: Aaron d' Aquino

音樂設計: 何偉樂
Music design: Wai-lok HO

錄像設計: 石永賢
Video design: Wing-yin SHEK

翻譯/校對: 洪凱茵
Translation/proofreading: Nicole H Y HUNG

節目查詢 For enquiries please contact :
吳小姐 /Ms NG 852-98300041
E-mail: [email protected]


視覺藝術院畫廊/Gallery, Academy of Visual Arts
觀塘道51號香港浸會大學視覺藝術院Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University, 51 Kwun Tong Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong


如此規模宏大的藝術品從未曾並排地一起在香港展出,使「M+進行:充氣!」成為本港至今最大型的當代藝術展之一。是次展覽首次為香港帶來一些近年最重要的公共雕塑,包括國際知名藝術家的作品,以及本地藝術家譚偉平和中國藝術家曹斐的特別委約創作。除了六組巨型藝術品外,Tomás Saraceno(阿根廷)的演出節目將於5月4日、5月25日及6月8日舉行。









參與藝術家:曹斐(中國)、崔正化(南韓)、Jeremy Deller(英國)、劉家琨(中國)、Paul McCarthy(美國)、Tomás Saraceno(阿根廷)、譚偉平(香港)


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